Ausgewählte Firmenpräsentationen im Touchpoint Packaging

Atlantic Zeiser: Serialization meets late stage customization
The pharmaceutical industry is recently facing two mayor major challenges: Serialization of packages that will soon be required in many regions worldwide. At the same time the market is undergoing a segmentation and product variations that lead to shorter production runs. Atlantic Zeiser will show an approach that will bring together serialization and late stage customization in one single step in order to reduce logistical costs and to maintain efficiency. and late stage customization of flat card board boxes at the same time.

Agfa - Advanced Packaging Solutions: Customized, Secured, Connected
Agfa develops, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of analogue and digital imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications. Its extensive knowhow in imaging and coating technologies, coated film products and a variety of hardware and software solutions provide significant value to customers. Leveraging the convergence between its packaging and security printing activities, Agfa positions itself as a strategic partner for advanced packaging applications. It sees the Touchpoint Packaging as a suitable platform for a dialog with potential customers, hinging on three focus focal points: Arziro, design software for the general security printing market Silver-based conductive inks Color laser imaging technology Agfa will present a number of true samples at the Touchpoint Packaging.

Insider Trends – The Worlds in 2035
Cate Trotter is the Head of Trends at Insider Trends London. She has put together a comprehensive report featuring the most influential megatrends. In her presentation Cate will talk about 11 of the most important changes that will affect our world between now and 2035. Smart professionals will question what these trends mean for them and their business. They will form strategies that enable their business to harness the power of these trends, rather than being swallowed by them. By doing so, they will find themselves in a much stronger position than those who do not prepare at all.

CMC Srl- Right-sized boxes at the right time CMC Srl has served the global mailing, graphic arts and packaging markets since 1980 and has built a reputation for developing innovative solutions. This penchant to quickly understand customer needs and to respond with creative design engineering has won CMC much acclaim from its customers around the world. At Touchpoint Packaging CMC will show how the CMC Cartonwrap can produce 1,000 different sized boxes/hr using continuous fed corrugated strong, personalized and safe boxes ideal for e-commerce, logistics and POD companies.

Hewlett Packard: The Art of Possibilities: How to unlock Power of Digital Printing for Brands
Consumers everywhere are becoming more digitally savvy and looking for new ways to be wowed when it comes to buying the products they want most. This includes a great look, better functionality, more personalization and immediacy. Fortunately, as consumer expectations rise, digital print technology stays one step ahead to satisfy and even shape their sophisticated tastes. Packaging design has become even more creative and profitable than ever thanks to advances in digital printing. It’s disrupting the standard way of doing things and empowering print service providers to be more innovative through personalized and versioned production packaging jobs, as well as point-of-sale and high impact marketing materials. Recent studies have shown that consumers believe that specially printed or customized branded packages makes a product more valuable and they are willing to pay more for that immersive brand experience. This is especially true for Luxury Brands. Luxury branding requires a visceral, emotional connection with consumers that everyday brands are incapable of. Digital print offers these brands the ability to connect with their consumers like no other physical print medium, with personalized relevant content & imagery As the marketplace leader for technology solutions, HP has unparalleled expertise helping brands realize their packaging needs. Learn more about how HP can help you rethink digital print packaging. Workshop: The Art of Possibilities : HP Unlocks Power of Digital Printing for Brands Attendees to this session will hear from industry leaders about: • Why digital printing is so attractive to brands & retailers. • How innovative brands are exploiting the capabilities of HP’s Digital Print Solutions to create some amazing campaigns, with real case studies. • HP’s key that unlocked last summer’s Extraordinary Campaign for Diet Coca-Cola & Bud Light’s Mad Decent Campaign

Association of Packaging Technology and Research Package – The Value Toolkit
Value Toolkit is a consumer research tool developed for concept testing. The tool provides a versatile and a low-cost method for the development of existing packaging, as well as new ideas and concepts. A talk will present the contents, as well as some case data collected on the toolkit. A workshop will cover the premises and framework of the toolkit and present a case study to demonstrate the toolkit process.

Gmund – Innovation & Ecology
In the special exhibition, entitled ‘touchpoint packaging’, Gmund Paper features a collection of packaging that act as brand ambassadors transporting core values of select trademarks. Gmund Paper effectively showcases brands such as Audi, de age cosmetics, tea varieties by Dr. Groß and many others from areas ‘food & beverage’, ‘non-food’, and ‘cosmetics’ with engaging haptics, elaborate surface structures and high-quality surface finishes.

Merck - RGB Printing Technology using Spectraval™ pearl effect
Merck has produced two posters with brand-new printing technology, using Spectraval™-series effect pigments in red, green and blue (RGB). The effect pigments are printed on a black surface (additive color mixing) instead of using the conventional four process colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), on a white background (subtractive color mixing). RGB is best known from such (digital) applications as TV or monitor-displays where red, green and blue combine on a black background to create a white appearance. The new RGB printing technology makes it possible to gain a white impression when red, green and blue pigments are printed accurately overlapping on a black substrate (e.g. carton). Theoretically, this means there are more colors and saturations achievable in the RGB color space than in CMYK. The current effect pigment portfolio cannot achieve all the colors from the RGB color spectrum yet, but the new look and appearance with the currently available pearl effect pigments is already a wonder to behold.

Esko - Packaging Simplified
Are you producing packaging, labels, signage or displays? We understand your world is getting more complex! Esko is simplifying the complete packaging production process, from idea to shelf – to help you master today’s challenges and remain successful in the world of tomorrow. Instituto de Embalagens –Education for Better Packaging Packaging is considered a profitable business with an increasing growth, resulting in greater development for the segment. Through education and information, we can guide end users (brand owners) towards the development of Better Packaging, thus making a better world for more people. This is our belief and our mission, reasons why we create our courses and books. We intend to show the books at the Touch Packaging at DRUPA 2016 and discuss our role in making a better world.

ARCWISE – New technology: round corrugated board packaging!
Arcwise® - presenting a new technology that enables to produce curved shaped packaging out of corrugated board. Arcwise puts packaging designers and brand owners into a position to discover a new world of innovative design opportunities along with superior packaging performance and sustainability. Prototypes of packaging solutions will be shown in two future labs and a presentation about many advantages of the concept will be held.

Dvi - 2nd Day of Packaging – Connect with the next generation
On the 2nd nationwide Day of Packaging The German Packaging Institute (dvi) is organizing a workshop entitled "Our day of packaging!" On June 9th four teams of three or four students each will be working on projects related to the food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or non-food sectors. Under the guidance of internationally active packaging designers, they will develop suggestions on how future packaging can be designed. The results are then presented on the packaging touchpoint in front of invited media representatives. A small panel of representatives from the dvi and the European Packaging Design Association (epda) will review this “scribble” and declare a winner.

Leonhard Kurz - TRUSTCODE®: A great new tool for marketing and communication
Find out how brand enhancement solutions from KURZ bring your customers closer to you, and give you new opportunities for cross-selling. A case study from the cosmetics sector illustrates how a customized smartphone app and software from KURZ‘s TRUSTCODE® brand enhancement program can open up a huge new range of possibilities for communicating your brand. A conventional smartphone recognizes pre-defined attributes of the packaging, such as your logo and the color of the product. Your customer is then directed to further information about the product such as recommendations for usage, ideas for further products in your range, relevant press articles and blogs, and how to ensure the product is genuine. At the same time as delivering your marketing message, the TRUSTCODE® app provides a valuable opportunity for data mining. We look forward to discussing individualized solutions for your marketing program, integrated elegantly into your packaging design.

Print City Alliance - Inspirational Packaging for the Future and how to realise it
The PrintCity Alliance is inviting visitors to get inspiration and to catch a glimpse into the future of Value Added Packaging. This is of relevance not only for brand owners, designers and creative people but also for printers, converters and all stakeholders along the whole value chain. A presentation will show future technologies and give inspiration for creative packaging. With the help of samples it will be explained: WHAT can be done and WHY should a brand owner do it? The presentation will be followed by more technical seminars with details about HOW the techniques can be successfully implemented.

Pro Carton - New Roles for Packaging:The Key Drivers
Distribution, marketing, communication and sustainability – changes, importance, focus, drivers? The talk will reveal key findings, present studies and give examples. The exhibition of the Pro Carton ECMA Award Winners will give proof of outstanding cartonboard packaging design.

Forteam Kommunikation - See it, touch it, buy it. You think it’s your decision? No way!
Human thoughts are influenced by the perception of the senses. Consciously and unconsciously: the more information, the more sensual perception. After all, the brain processes multisensory messages up to ten times more intensly than a single signal. The sense of touch is in the front row when it comes to purchasing decisions. And that is interesting for product marketing and brand experts because they know: haptics outsells. Be invited to an excursion to tactile product communication.

Océ – On the origin of innovation
Where do innovations arise? Why do some innovations get across the valley of death and others don’t? Why can some companies introduce decisive innovations every year, whereas others only talk about it? Guido Stompff will debunk the myth of the lone inventor and demonstrate that ideas arise in between us and the world. And explain that the overly analytic approach most companies have is killing innovation rather than facilitating it. Instead he proposes a way of reasoning and acting that is geared towards learning by creating. That puts prioritizes visualizations and prototypes. And that takes a radical human-centric perspective. An approach that resembles the way designers work, called design thinking.

epda: The Future of Packaging Design Award
“The Future of Packaging”- this is the topic of a design award that the european packaging design association has carried out with students of two design schools: NABA in Milan and btk in Germany. Students studying in the design fields: • packaging design • industrial design • fashion design • graphic design let their imaginations fly and have developed design solutions relevant to the consumer of 2025. The winners will be announced and awarded on June, 8th. Get inspired by outstanding packaging design solutions, packaging for industrial applications, wearable packaging accessories, and posters on the “Future of Packaging”.

Heidelberg Web Carton Converting GmbH
Experience alternative production of high sophisticated packaging From roll to a finished die-cut blank. With flexographic printing in excellent quality, Heidelberg shows a completely new way of processing while using inline production in an efficient and unique way. With this alternative procedure, you do not only save cost-intensive additional equipment and manufacturing steps, but also achieve the highest possible output. Even complex and time consuming processes such as hot foil-stamping /-embossing, screen or gravure printing are already integrated in this smart manufacturing process. Attractive packaging convinces at the POS Besides exceptional layouts and eye-catching designs, additional features of the package decide on the success of a product. A finishing with cold foil or laminates provides glossy effects. Haptic experiences are created by the use of special inks in flexo, screen printing or gravure printing processes. Also attractive metallic effects can be applied. Hot foil stamping enhances the packaging and leads to elegant designs. Moreover, the Cast & Cure process initiates holographic possibilities. Even personalization or other variable data is possible by adding digital solutions. And all that – from roll to finished die-cut blank in a single pass.

Metsä Board: The “Elevated Drink Box”
Metsä Board will present the innovative elevated drink box (EDB) made from fresh forest fibre linerboards. The box has been digitally printed by BOBST. To learn more about its development and partners involved please attend the presentation by Mr. Koen Verplancke. There will also be novel cosmetic, medical and non-food packaging samples showcased.

efi: The future of Corrugated Packaging Workflows
As one of the largest growing segments of the packaging industry, the corrugated packaging arena is undergoing a radical modernization and change. Run lengths, increased efficiency requirements, complex finishing, digital printing and faster turn times are all affecting the way we acquire work, process jobs, manufacture, ship and report. EFI will discuss how a modern and efficient end-to-end production workflow can greatly increase competitiveness, reduce costs, increase profit, provide greater visibility and drive your business to new area’s of growth.

The System KOLBUS – Industrial luxury packaging production instead of manual manufacturing
KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG is presenting a radically new way for the manufacturing of packaging for the luxury and consumer industry. Trademark owner and packaging producer now have new possibilities to produce unique packaging with short delivery times for personalized high quality products – even for higher quantities. Rigid boxes with magnet fasteners are the cornerstone for the long product lifespan. By processing paper, board, cardboard and magnets with high quality substrates and printed cover materials up to final finishing and decoration with embossing, relief-embossing and micro-hot foil-embossing we attain an innovative, individual customer-oriented product design. Packaging production with the system KOLBUS – industrial, fast, flexible and high quality.

Esko – Virtual Packaging in the Real World
In this session, you will experience a live demonstration of how AR technology supports the review and approval process in the packaging and label production workflow. Hyper realistic 3D virtual mockups of all kinds of packaging can be visualized in context long before the ink hits the substrate. The result is instant and clear communication between designer and brand owner, also when using mobile devices. Chris will also give a live demonstration of how 3D virtualization software allows for an immersive shopping experience long before the actual product or its packaging is produced. Based on planogram reports and libraries of models, a virtual store is populated in seconds and the designer can compare the shelf appeal of a new design against competition on a virtual shop shelf. A practical use case of how 3D technology drives efficiency and time to market improvements in the packaging value chain. Packaging Simplified

Factor Design: Beauty doesn’t do the job, transforming features into benefits
Creating a customer centric packaging means to translate an engineer’s great invention or a good marketing idea into a comprehensible benefit for the shopper. Illustrated by vivid examples the presentation will show how structural packaging developments, personalization and illustrating information can increase demand and incite desire.

Team Créatif: How can e-commerce boost sales
As consumers are buying more & more categories online ….we need to get there before they do! However The online visual identity of the FMCG category has not been prioritized. After having evaluated several primary e-commerce websites, Bruno shares the 4 major constraints into solutions to help companies & Brands to succeed.